Our Medical Review Team

We know the importance of delivering our readers accurate, up to date information on the most popular aesthetic and cosmetic trends, as well as plastic surgery techniques. That’s why SELF.tbd’s content is regularly reviewed by our team of professional medical reviewers, ensuring our articles always reflect the latest research and practices.

SELF.tbd’s review team is composed of medical professionals from a variety of disciplines and specializations. This diverse expertise helps us cover a wide range of topics with the accuracy and attention they deserve.   

As new research and guidelines are constantly being published, our review team is always on the lookout for updates to add to our existing articles. Our team also monitors the approval of new procedures and drugs by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as any changes in status of previously approved techniques. 

We want you to read our articles with every confidence that the information you’re receiving has been held to the highest of standards. Your trust in our work is always front and center in the minds of our writers and reviewers.