How We Rate Products

When reading articles on SELF.tbd, you will occasionally come across page sections that highlight certain products or services. As we work to bring our readers information on plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, and other beauty related trends, we often come across products and services related to the topics we cover. We feel the information on these products and services is often of value to our readers, which is why we’ve chosen to start highlighting it.  

We know our readers’ time and money is important, which is why we compare a variety of brands and distill what we think are the essential elements of the top brands. These highlighted products are ranked in a variety of categories and presented to our readers in the hope our work will help guide them towards products and services that are useful to them. 

Decisions on which brands to highlight, and in what order, are important to us. We have worked and reworked our process to help deliver what we think is a fair analysis of the options available, highlighting only those that we believe meet a certain standard of quality across multiple categories. The following is an explanation of this process and these categories.

Our Review

Our team is constantly researching, testing, and evaluating products to bring you the best of the best. Using their expert judgement, the handpicked products that our team values receive a rating. Our team’s evaluation is given the most weight when determining a product’s overall ranking.

Reputation and User Experience

We firmly believe that the highlighting of products is a dialogue between us and our readers. That’s why we place such a high value on your feedback. Sharing your experience through our forum and by email is the best way to be heard. This feedback helps us to better understand the popularity and quality of certain products while also helping us determine which to focus on in the future. 


Data on our readers’ interest in the products and services we feature is constantly being analyzed. A rating is allocated to each product or service based on our readerships engagement with it. By measuring the number of purchases or subscriptions a featured product or service receives, we are able to assure relevant products are shown more frequently. 


We know that pricing is an important factor in many people’s decision making process. When possible, we take into account which products offer the best value for their price. 


By comparing products, we work to determine which one offers the most in a single package. Similar to pricing, this category factors into the value of an offered product. 

Advertising Fees

As we continue to work with reliable sponsors, they will at times be related to the featured products we choose to highlight. We believe it would be unfair to penalize these trusted brands on the basis of their sponsorship. We work with sponsors who we believe deliver products and services of the highest quality to their customers. As a result, the brands that we work with and who sponsor our content are given extra consideration when we choose to highlight products and services. While we would never feature products that we don’t believe are of the highest quality, we’d also never work with sponsors who we consider to have poor reputations.

With these factors in mind, it’s easy to see that our selection process for determining which products to rank and highlight is part science and part art. Our goal when highlighting certain products is to provide readers with products and information that is relevant to them. We hope to empower each and everyone of our readers to shop with confidence. We encourage our readers to make purchasing decisions based on what they see and hear from a variety of sources, including SELF.tbd. 

As we are a purveyor of information and have no control over the products and services themselves, your use of and reliance on the information displayed on our website is entirely at your own responsibility and risk. While we work to keep the information on the products that we highlight accurate and up-to-date, service or offer terms might change without our knowledge. It is also important to keep in mind that we are unable to consider every product in a given category. Our sample is determined by a combination of established popularity and research. We disclaim all expressed guarantees and warrants relating to the products we highlight. We encourage those interested in these highlighted products and services to consider reading all Terms and Conditions related to these products and services as well as any safety information provided by the brands in question.